Below are the Terms and Conditions under which Up And Go provides its marketing and reservation service to our Establishment partners.

Up And Go reserves the right to amend or change these Terms and Conditions at any stage.


  • When listing your Establishment with Up And Go, you are deemed to have read and agreed to these Terms and Conditions and you affirm that you have the capacity and responsibility to represent your Establishment by entering into this agreement with Up And Go.
  • When necessary, you agree to Up And Go replicating information and images of your Establishment published on your website for the purposes of compiling and completing your listing on Up And Go.
  • Up And Go acts as an intermediary between the client and the Establishment with regard to administering and confirming reservations between the two parties. Up And Go charges the agreed commission on the total rate quoted by Establishments on confirmed reservations.
  • Once a deposit has been received from the client, Up And Go pays the deposit, less the full commission to the Establishment together with the client's contact details. The Establishment is then responsible for collecting the balance of payment from the client.
  • The Establishment agrees to pay commission to Up And Go on any reservations made by clients who are introduced to your Establishment via Up And Go.
  • Quotations to be based on your Establishment's published rack rates and to be inclusive of all applicable levies and taxes which are to be separately detailed.
  • The Establishment agrees not to communicate directly with clients referred by Up And Go (until such time as the clients contact details are revealed) in order to avoid paying commission on the reservation/s.
  • All information and images supplied by the Establishment must be an accurate portrayal of the Establishment's accommodation facilities and services.


  • In the event of a cancellation by the client, the Establishment's cancellation policy will apply. The Establishment's cancellation policy must be clearly stated on all quotations and/or invoices.
  • Up And Go does not assume any liability for no-shows. In this event, the Establishment will be required to liaise directly with the client in order to resolve the matter.


  • The Establishment will be accountable for any errors, omissions, double bookings or failure to honour a confirmed booking. A confirmed booking is deemed to be in existence once Up And Go receive the written confirmation and/or invoice from the Establishment.


  • Should Up And Go receive a cancellation request from a client Up And Go will notify the Establishment in writing.
  • Should the Establishment's cancellation policy warrant a refund, Up And Go will refund the client after having received the refunded amount from the Establishment.
  • Up And Go, will, at its discretion, levy a cancellation administration fee on the refund due to the client.


  • Up And Go will invoice clients on behalf of the Establishment once Up And Go has received an invoice from the Establishment.
  • Up And Go will transfer reservation payments to the Establishment within 5 days of receipt from the client. Should a client pay by cheque, the applicable clearing period for cheque payments will apply. Payments will be made by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).


  • Up And Go encourages guests to complete a review of their stay at the respective Establishment. The review will be emailed to the Establishment for consent prior to publishing on the Up And Go website.


  • Establishments are required to notify Up And Go, in writing, of any change to property ownership.


  • Establishments are required to notify Up And Go of any rate changes or additions/changes to the Establishment (including but not limited to additional rooms/lodgings, facilities, specials). There is no additional charge for updating Establishment's webpages.


  • Up And Go reserves the right to de-list an Establishment where there is non-compliance with these Terms and Conditions or for any other reason deemed necessary which may create an adverse reputation for Up And Go. These reasons include but are not limited to; repeated cancellations by the Establishment or consistent negative customer reviews on the Establishment.


  • Up And Go shall not be liable to the Establishment for any damages or losses, however arising, from clients or guests booked/introduced by Up And Go.
  • The Establishment agrees to indemnify Up And Go against any liability expenses, claim or loss that may result from any claims arising out of online publication and display of the listing.

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