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The information below was correct at the time of writing.  However, regulations do change so it is important to consult with your local embassy for updated information regarding travel and visa requirements for Mozambique. Up And Go will not be held responsible for visitors not having the correct travel documents.

Visa and Passport Requirements for Mozambique
Passports are required for all visitors to Mozambique.  South African passport holders do not require a visa for holiday purposes if the stay is less than 30 days. Other nationalities need to apply for visas.  These may be obtained at consular offices. VISAS ARE NO LONGER FOR SALE AT THE BORDER. We recommend obtaining your visa at least 4 weeks prior to departure.  Passports must be valid for at least 6 months. 
Please note that if the period issued on your visa is exceeded, a fine of approximately ZAR500.00 per day will be charged of everyday overstayed. In addition, first time offenders will be prohibited from entering Mozambique for a 1 year period.

Mozambique Consular Offices
+27 (0)11 3275704/5 - Johannesburg
+27 (0)12 4010300 - Pretoria
+27 (0)31 3037130/31 – Durban

Travelling with Children
The Department of Home Affairs (DHA) in South Africa has announced new, strict procedures for parents traveling with children under the age of 18 years in and out of South Africa.
With effect from 1 June 2015, all adults traveling with children will need to have their own passport and parents/guardians are to produce a copy of an unabridged birth certificate for each child they are traveling with. This new regulation is line with the DHA efforts to limit the incidents of child trafficking.
Please contact your area’s Home Affairs Office in this regard as soon as possible as there are delays processing the documents required for children.

Vehicle Requirements for Mozambique
Original vehicle registration papers are required if you are self-driving. If the vehicle is not your own, a letter of authorization from the registered owner (or finance house) is required. 
The temporary export/import form is obtainable on the South African side of the border only.  This form must be completed to register your vehicle and any other vehicles you may be towing (as well as the tow vehicle).
Third Party Liability Insurance is compulsory and may be purchased at the border. Copies of all your documentation must be kept on hand and produced when requested by officials during your stay in Mozambique and until your departure at your exit border post.
A letter from your insurance company verifying that the vehicle is insured for cross-border travel.
International and South African driver's licenses are accepted in Mozambique.
All South African registered vehicles must display a black and white ZA sticker.

All tow vehicles are to display a blue and yellow triangle on the front and the trailer or vehicle being towed to display the same triangle on the rear.

Mozambique Border Hours
Komatipoort/Ressano Garcia: 06H00 - 22H00
Giryando: 08H00 - 17H00
Kosi Bay/Ponta do Ouro: 08H00 - 17H00
Goba (Swaziland): 07H00 - 18H00
Namaacha (Swaziland): 07H00 - 18H00

Mozambique Import Restrictions
Tobacco: 200cigarettes, 50 cigars, 250g smoking tobacco or 100 cigarillos
Alcohol: 1lt spirits and 2.25 lt wine (children under 18 years of age do not qualify for this allowance) - No Beer Permitted or pay up to 90% duty! (Mozambique Beer is Great)!
Perfumes: 50ml of Perfume OR 250 ml of Eau de Toilette
Pharmaceutical Products: Quantity considered reasonable for personal consumption
Other Goods to a value of US$200.00 or equivalent

Prohibited or Restricted Items
Narcotic drugs, Firearms, Weapons, Pornographic Material, Counterfeit Goods, Plant Material, Meat and Meat Products
Travellers are required to declare items such as laptops, cameras, cell phones, fishing gear, etc.  If unsure, make a complete Declaration
There are heavy penalties under Mozambique law for making a False Declaration and giving or offering a bribe to a government official.

Driving in Mozambique
Ensure your passports are stamped and correctly dated before leaving the customs office.  If your passport is incorrectly stamped and dated, you will be liable for a large fine when exiting Mozambique for each day you overstay your 30 day VISA allowance.  In addition, first time offenders will be prohibited from entering Mozambique for a 1 year period.
Road travellers are frequently stopped at the numerous police check points where your vehicle papers, passport and licences are normally requested.  Please note the following to avoid being fined:
Wear seat belts at all times (front and rear passengers)
Display your two emergency triangles in a visible place
Vehicle Fire Extinguisher is required
Tow vehicles and trailers require the necessary decals described above
Ensure your ZA sticker is affixed to rear of vehicle
Keep well within the speed limit - fines are payable immediately
Have your driver’s licence, third party and vehicle registration papers handy (it is advisable to make additional copies of these and your passports).
No firearms are permitted in Mozambique
Ensure all meat is vacuum packed
It is an offense to photograph police or customs officials in Mozambique
Please keep majority of your cash safely stowed in your luggage and only keep approximately MT200 in your wallet
Please do not drive with any alcohol or luggage in the vehicle – these items must be stowed in the boot of the vehicle
Make certified copies of drivers licence, vehicle registration and passports.
At the Mozambique border, do not give your passports to ‘runners’ – they will charge you for completing the simple border formalities (they pretend to be officials and wear reflective vests).
Driving is not permitted on the beach unless you are launching a boat. Maritime police could impose a hefty fine coupled with your vehicle being impounded.  Permits to launch boats, jet-ski's etc. are available at the Maritime offices in the major towns.
Drivers are urged to avoid travelling at night, the roads are not well lit, signposted and in some areas, are badly potholed.  Potholes are often indicated by tree branches positioned in the road.  Be extra cautious of pedestrians and animals when travelling through the numerous towns and villages - children may cross main roads without looking.
It is best to keep your tank filled as the distances between filling stations can be vast.
Toll fees are payable in Meticais, Rands or US Dollars - please try to ensure that you have the correct amount as change is often scarce!
Drivers are required to carry a reflective jacket (this to be visible, i.e. draped over driver’s seat)
Keep to the speed limits - fines are payable immediately
Open bottles of alcohol are not permitted in vehicles

Air Travel to Mozambique
The following airline companies operate in Mozambique:
SAA - South African Airways - Johannesburg to Maputo only
LAM - Linhas Aereas de Mocambique.  LAM is the national airline for Mozambique and provides daily flights between Johannesburg, South Africa and Maputo, Mozambique as well as domestic flights connecting Maputo to Inhambane, Nampula, Beira, Tete, Quelimane, Pemba and Vilanculos. LAM also has a weekly flight from Durban, South Africa to Maputo.  Tel:  +27 11- 622 4889 (Johannesburg)

Food and Beverage Provisions
Most basic provisions can be purchased in Mozambique.  Shops, spazas and markets sell a selection of necessities including beverages, beer & wine, chocolates, batteries, seafood, snacks, airtime, etc.    It is advisable to use bottled water. With the exception of the markets and spazas, shops are closed for siesta between 12H00 and 14H00.

Mozambique Currency
The currency in Mozambique is Meticals (Mt).  The approximate rate of exchange is ZAR1 = MT 3.0, however, this rate fluctuates regularly. There are normally foreign currency exchange outlets at or just before the border points.  Please do not exchange currency with the roadside forex traders, many of them are tricksters.
US$ as well as SA Rand are widely accepted at most lodges and restaurants - credit cards are not.  The best exchange rates are provided by the numerous banks in Mozambique.

Mozambique Climate
The climate is predominantly tropical with a cool season from May to August.  The rainy season is from November to April.
Summer in Mozambique is from October to March, with temperatures reaching up to 38 degrees Celsius.  It does get very humid in Mozambique which could be uncomfortable to some. But the weather may vary according to area, as it is cooler inland that it is on the coast.

Portuguese is the official language, and there are 13 main national languages spoken. English is taught in secondary schools, but is not widely spoken outside of the hotels and resorts.

Mozambique does not have large scale crime however, it is wise to be cautious and not display expensive jewellery, cell phones, cameras, etc. Beware of pickpockets in the central market areas.

Insurance - Medical
Comprehensive Medical Insurance cover is recommended.  If your current medical insurance does not cover travel, please contact your medical aid/travel agent in this regard.  Be sure to include air evacuation from Mozambique in your cover. 

TIC (Travel Insurance Consultants) offer a comprehensive range of travel cover products. Please contact Up And Go for further assistance or click on the Travel Insurance icon on the home page of www.upandgo.co.za and deal directly with TIC.
Malaria/Vaccinations - Mozambique is a malarial area throughout the year - please consult your doctor regarding the required prophylactics.
Visitors require a yellow fever certificate if travelling from infected areas.

Cellular Coverage in Mozambique
Cellular communications are covered by all the major networks and local SIM cards are readily available for purchase.  The dialling code for Mozambique is +258.  The outgoing code is 00 followed by the relevant country code (e.g. 0027 for South Africa). Internet cafes are available in the larger cities.
It is advisable to purchase a local sim card and airtime on arrival in Mozambique.

Internet Coverage in Mozambique
There are a number of Internet cafes in the large towns in Mozambique.  Travellers may also make use of data bundles in order to access their emails and Internet.  Data roaming is expensive, travellers are therefore advised to purchase local data sim cards.  In order to send emails, the outgoing server address would need to change temporarily.

Light clothing such as light cotton tops, skirts, sarongs and pants, with warmer clothing for evenings. Visitors are strongly urged to include sunscreen and mosquito repellents. Light shower proof clothing items are advisable.

Local time is GMT +2.

Electrical current is 220 volts AC, 50Hz. The rounded three-pin plug is common.  Guests from Europe are advised to bring an international adaptor.  Guests from South Africa are advised to bring a 2 prong adaptor for charging mobile phones, cameras, etc.

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